Email Lists & Public Archives

Email Archives

The ASA has several email archives that keep records of all the e-mails sent to the main ASA lists:

  • ASA Official E-mails: April 2006 - Present
  • ASA Official E-mails: April 1996 - April 2006 
    ASA Official E-mails are sent to all the officer email lists of ASA groups as listed in the ASA Database. These e-mails only go out about once a month, so the trafic is quite low, but the e-mails include important information that is relevant to all ASA groups. The information generally includes general body meeting announcements, summer events, allocations, and other topics that are important to all groups.
  • ASA Executive Board E-mails
    This is the official list of the ASA Executive Board: All communications between the board and with the rest of the board is archived both for back reference and transparency in the work of the ASA.

Public Lists

  • We occasionally use to discuss possible policy changes or other student group issues. Individuals can add themselves using WebMoira or blanche themselves onto the list from an Athena command prompt. Archives are combined with the asa-exec archives.