Event Planning

No matter how small or easy an event may seem some forethought and planning is always required. It is important to know the policies and procedures that may apply. The SOLE Student Organization Handbook has all the important information about holding events on campus: it may be long, but we highly recommend you read through relevant sections before starting to plan an event.

There are several offices on campus that are able to help student groups plan and run an event. SOLE is one of the primary resources to help student groups with questions about any part of the event planning process. Additionally, the Campus Activities Complex distributes a very useful guide for event planning at MIT, also available in printed form from their office.

Event Registration

Many events are required to be registered with various on-campus offices and in some cases with the City of Cambridge.


Event planning:
Student Life Programs (SLP)

Campus Activities Complex (CAC)
Custodial Services
Grounds Services

Audio, Visual and Lightning:
MIT Audio Visual

Retreat Planning

A number of student organizations have recently been engaged in planning for student group retreats. Retreats can provide a great avenue to team building, goal setting, and motivating group membership to become engaged in your organization's initiatives throughout the semester. When time and intentionality accompany the planning of a retreat, the result is group cohesiveness and a clear, collective vision for the upcoming year. If you have plans for a retreat in the works, or if you are interested in the prospect of hosting a retreat for your organization, please contact the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement office.