Group Funding

Student groups are given the autonomy and responsibility to spend their funds as the group sees fit (provided they do not break Institute policy, State, or Federal law). The expectation is that student group members will adhere to good business practices and act responsibly as stewards of MIT. For resources on how to look up and use your group's funding, please see the SOLE website for procedural walkthroughs and the SOLE Student Organization Handbook for all official policies on the use of funds.

Some useful funding resources:

  • SOLE Financial Resources: general information, Alumni Giving accounts, and more
  • Graduate Student Council Funding Board: allocates regular funding to Funded Student groups that are a majority grad students
  • Undergraduate Association Finance Board: allocates regular funding to Funded Student groups that are a majority undergrad students
  • Club Sports Council: allocates regular funding to Club Sports for coaches, travel, league fees, and more
  • LEF and ARCADE: provide support for specific events or short series of events - LEF events must have an attendace of over 150 people and ARCADE is for cultural and diversity events
  • Department sponsorship: Sponsor-Funded Student Groups are expected to get their regular funding from their department. Other groups can also explore the possibility of departmental support for specific events or the group in general
  • GSC Grants: the GSC offers regular grant programs for various purposes and occasionally the GSC General Council allocates funds for specific initiatives
  • UA Senate Discretionary Fund: funds MIT initiatives that, for some reason, are not being funded by UA Finboard
  • Council for the Arts Grants: gives grants for arts projects of all kinds, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Accepts applications three times a year
  • Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center: funding for service projects and philanthropy events that serve communities in the United States.
  • Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement Office Supplementary Fund: funds event ideas that need some extra support to be successful
  • Weekends@MIT: funds large weekend events with wide campus appeal that have at least one sponsor that is a living group, contact
  • Baker Foundation: funds special projects and initiatives to better undergraduate student life
  • Committee on Race and Diversity: grant program that funds for programs/events with a focus on cultural or race issues.
  • Florez Humor Fund: funds special projects or events with a humor component
  • Graduate Student Life Grants: Funding from the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education to build graduate community
  • MIT Community Service Fund: Promotes volunteerism by funding supplies for the community service initiatives of students and student groups.
  • Mind Hand Heart Innovation Fund: Offers grants to invest in cutting-edge ideas to increasing awareness about mental health, building communities of support, and promoting life and wellness skills.