Transition Resources

One of the most difficult times for student groups can be transitioning between leaders, particularly if group leaders leave without giving support to the next executive membership. We highly encourage all student groups to start thinking about transitioning even before they hold elections, as it can make or break the future of a student group.

SOLE has prepared a presentation walking through the basic steps to a successful transition, which can also be found on their website. The most useful method for ensuring a good transition is to hold a meeting consisting of the old and new executive members, where all critical logistical information can be handed over. The Student Organization Leadership Committee, consisting of members of DSL, SOLE, DAPER, and student representatives put together a sample transition workshop agenda to guide discussions of what could be covered in a transition meeting. Even if your old exec members are not around to meet with, the sample agenda still contains suggestions for what information to ask the old exec members for so the new leaders have a strong start as they take over!