Meetings and Office Hours

Executive Board Meetings

The Executive Board normally meets once a week, from 5-6:30 PM in 50-220 for the Fall 2023 semester. Meetings are generally open, however the Board can choose to go into closed session - normally reserved for discussions of specific groups such as new group recognition. Meeting times will be posted once the Board has decided on times at the start of the new semester.

General Body Meetings

At least one General Body Meeting of all student group leaders is held per term. Email notification of the date of the meeting is sent to all ASA member activities at least two weeks prior to the meeting date, and is also posted on our home page. Every ASA-recognized group is required to send a representative to a GBM.

You can find the Fall 2021 GBM agenda here.

Office Hours

The ASA president is available for in-person office hours on request. For Fall 2022, workday evenings are generally available, but timing can be flexible throughout the week. There are no office hours on university student holidays.