ASA Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Board Allocations

Information on this page applies to boards marked as "ASA private." See this page for "ASA public" boards open to the entire MIT community.

The ASA administers the bulletin board space in the infinite corridor (and adjoining areas) that are designated for student group use by the Campus Activities Complex. Some items of note:

  • Bulletin board space is re-allocated every other year.
  • You are never guaranteed to keep your space during a re-allocation.
  • Groups can lose their space at any time during the school year if it is not being used properly.

2022 - 2024 AY Allocations

Thank you to all the groups who applied for a bulletin board in the spring semester! Applications for bulletin boards are now closed, with the next cycle starting in Fall 24.

The current allocations (including those who just applied) can be found here.

You can find a map of board locations here.

Group Responsibilities

ASA has put together a document detailing the responsibilities of being allocated a bulletin board. Those responsibilities are outlined here:

  • Keep your board filled - if it is not in a covered case, you must use background paper or large poster(s) to cover the entire space.
  • Include your group name and contact information
  • Include information about your group’s activities or issues
  • Keep your board updated
  • Maintain the condition of your poster materials
  • Remove other posters from your space. Facilities has been instructed not to deposter private boards even if they look like they have public postering on them. However, if the ASA bulletin boards become too cluttered, sometimes they are cleared by Facilities. You must remove and save the offending posters and then notify the ASA Executive Board
  • Maintain your board when items fall off or are inadvertently removed
  • Notify the ASA Executive Board of any vandalism
  • Get permission from the ASA Executive Board if you intend to permanently modify your space (e.g. putting up display cases or plexiglass) or if you want to put up anything that will protude from your board more than paper and poster boards