Recruitment Rules

The Recruitment Rules govern what actions are allowed and not allowed by student groups regarding recruitment while incoming undergraduate and graduate students are arriving. The recruitment rules are pertinent from Campus Preview Weekend in April until three weeks before the Activities Midway during Orientation. 

2014 pre-Midway moratorium removed

No ASA recruitment rules will apply during the traditional pre-Midway moratorium (the three weeks preceding the Midway). As a reminder, the previous moratorium disallowed contacting freshmen and holding recruiting events during this time; these type of activities are no longer restricted during that period. However, we want to remind groups that other rules may apply. For example, MIT has rules on harassment. Additionally, some governing councils, like the Panhellenic Association or Club Sports Council, may have rules that govern their members or member groups.

ASA Recruitment Rules

Approved by the ASA Executive Board, May 2014


The following "Recruitment Rules" have been established by the Association of Student Activities (ASA). In establishing these rules, we have two primary goals:

  • To balance the demands of new academics, new living environment, student groups, and other components of the MIT experience on new students, and avoid conflicting with other stakeholders in the extended Orientation process.
  • To preserve fairness between student groups, taking into account both variation in on-campus availability of members and variation in groups' own resources.
  • Not to unduly hamper groups in conducting their operations and enable a vibrant student group community.

All ASA-recognized groups and any subsidiaries of ASA-recognized groups (such as fraternity chapters under the Interfraternity Council) are mandated to follow these rules.

Exemptions to the below rules may be sought by e-mailing the ASA Executive Board at If you email us at least two weeks in advance of when you need a decision (and let us know the deadline), we will promise to have a response in time. We always encourage you to email us with questions, but may not be able to respond on a shorter time scale. If you anticipate having a large number of questions or wish more rapid turn-around, please request a liaison to work with you closely, and we will try to provide one.

Spring through Summer

Starting at CPW, new students may only be contacted if they have previously provided their contact information (such as at the CPW Activities Midway) or if they initiate contact with a group. These rules are no longer effect once "Summer" ends, which is three weeks before the Orientation Midway.

2014 Non-Moratorium

As an experiment, in the summer of 2013, the ASA removed the traditional pre-Midway moratorium on recruitment in the three weeks preceding the Midway. The feedback we received was generally positive, so the ASA has decided to continue that.

While the ASA will not be enforcing any recruitment rules for the three weeks before the Midway, we want to remind groups that other rules may apply. For example, MIT has rules on harassment. The ASA is happy to help individuals submit harassment complaints or work with the Office of Student Citizenship to handle complaints involving student groups. In general, we expect that groups will respect individuals who ask not to be contacted. Additionally, some governing councils, like the Panhellenic Association or Club Sports Council, may have rules that govern their members or member groups.


At the ASA's discretion, penalties may include:

  • Warning
  • Monetary fine
  • Mandatory community service
  • Loss of ASA activities midway space
  • Loss of bulletin board space
  • Loss of office/locker space
  • Suspension from event/room registration privileges for specified duration
  • Group suspension
  • Group derecognition

If more serious punishments than those listed are required, the ASA Executive Board reserves the right to involve the Undergraduate Association, Graduate Student Council, the Division of Student Life, and/or other relevant MIT entities.

Groups which have been penalized may contact with any questions or to appeal the decision.