Board Members

The ASA Executive Board (ASA) is a board made up of five executive positions and undergraduate and graduate representatives to our three main committees, who are listed below along with their positions. There are no members of the faculty or administration on the ASA Board, though there is a SOLE Liason to ASA.

All executive positions are elected by student groups at the Spring General Body Meeting, and undergraduate and graduate representatives to the Groups, Space, and Finance subcommittees are voted in by the board. The UA and GSC Representatives are appointed by the UA and GSC Presidents, respectively. If you are interested in participating or contributing to student group operations or the ASA, please feel free to contact the Executive Board for more information -- we can always add more students, up to a total board size of 30 members.

2023-2024 ASA Executive Board

President: Cormac O'Neill
Treasurer: Vincent Zu
Secretary: Jessica Giang '25
Groups Chair: Colin Clark '26
Space Chair: Diana Shklover '25

Undergraduate Representative (Groups): Alicia Caichen '24
Undergraduate Representative (Groups): Eva Goldie '24
Undergraduate Representative (Groups): Aileen Emmel'24
Graduate Representative (Groups): Zheng Dai

Undergraduate Representative (Space): Oliver Trevor '25
Undergraduate Representative (Space): Ryan Trujillo '27
Graduate Representative (Space): Steven Burcat
Postering Chair: Oliver Trevor '25

Undergraduate Representative (Finance): Kiera Reed '27
Graduate Representative (Finance): Lillian Zhu '27
Graduate Representative (Finance): Ryan de Freitas Bart
Graduate Representative (Finance): Lokesh Sangabattula

Undergraduate Association Representative: Rishika Bansal '26
Graduate Student Council Representative: Aristotle Grosz

SOLE Liaison (non-voting): Paul Murphy/Kat Waxstein