Board Members

The ASA Executive Board (ASA) is a board made up of ten students, who are listed below along with their positions. There are no members of the faculty or administration on the ASA.

With the exception of the UA and GSC Representatives, all positions are elected positions, elected by student groups at the Spring General Body Meeting. The UA and GSC Representatives are appointed by the UA and GSC Presidents, respectively. Elections are held at the Spring GBM in April. If you are interested in participating or contributing to students groups or the ASA, please feel free to contact the Executive Board for more information.

2019-2020 ASA Executive Board

President: Rebecca Black 
Treasurer: William Boag 
Secretary: Jay Lang ‘22

Undergraduate Representative: Shuli Jones ‘22
Undergraduate Representative: Chad Qian ‘20
Undergraduate Representative: Sabina Tontici ‘22

Graduate Representative: Daniel Sheen ‘19 
Graduate Representative: Bernardo Cabezas 
Graduate Representative: Steven Burcat

Undergraduate Association Representative: Kathryn Jiang ‘20 
Graduate Student Council Representative: Robin Lindemann