Database FAQ

Please note that is the main contact for issues regarding the ASA database, not the ASA Executive Board.

About officers and signatories

The online ASA Database maintains the official list of individuals fulfilling certain roles in groups.

Change from old Database: the Database sends automatic emails to the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement Office (SOLE) and Campus Activities Complex (CAC) when you update relevant roles, so you don't need to also email CAC for office access.

How to update your group's information

  1. Go to the Database (MIT Certificates Required)
  2. If you are a President, Treasurer, or Group Admin, you will be able to update your groups' information under the "Manage" tab that can be accessed on the top right of the screen.
  3. Under "Memberships" you will see a list of groups that you are a part of. Click on the one you would like to update.
  4. Most information can be updated on this page via the dropdown on the left.

Feel free to email if you have any questions about the Engage database.

I am the president/treasurer of an MIT student group and I cannot access our ASA database entry because our old president/treasurer is no longer available. How do I change the information in the database?

Email with the name and kerberos ID of your president and treasurer, CC'ing your officers' list. The Engage team will give them access to change the entry for your group. Please update the remaining information for your group afterwards. Also, please make a note of this during your group's next transition (to new officers, board members, etc.) so they do not have to go through the same thing. Thanks!

How do I change my group's name in the database? We've started calling ourselves something different.

Email with your current group's name, your new group's name (that you use now), and a couple of sentences explaining the name change. The ASA will then vote on the name change of your group. If approved, the ASA will then contact the Engage team to make the name change in your group's database entry and will add a note at the bottom of the entry so that future members of your group know of the name change.

How do we change/add/remove account numbers in the database?

If your group was just recognized, the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement office will email your group and the ASA with at least your Main Account, and also your Funding Account if your group was recognized as "funded." A member of the Engage team will then add the account numbers to your database entry for your group.

If your group just had a status change to "funded," then the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement office will email your group and the ASA with the newly-created Funding Account. A member of the Engage team will then add the account number to your database entry for your group.

If your group has more than two accounts (e.g., your group has a Reserve Account in addition to Main and Funding Accounts), then you should email the ASA with the name and cost object, if the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement office does not, and the Engage team will add it as a Note in the bottom of your database entry.

I listed my members and their roles on our page on the Engage database, but they aren't showing up to the public!

Privacy settings are determined by each student's account. Privacy settings are default set to off, so no information is public. To change those, individual memebers must access their account settings in the upper right corner (your photo icon,) and navigate to their privacy settings under "Account."

How do we update our officer email list?

Change from old Database: you can change the officer email list that is listed in the ASA Database yourself and the Database will send notifications of the change.

We cannot update the members of your officer email list, please see the IS&T mailing list page for more info about changing the list members.

Who has permission to modify our database information?

The people who have permission to modify the database are those who are already listed in it as President, Treasurer, or Group Admin. It is not related to the members of your group’s email list. It is very important that old officers add new officers to the database after elections. Unlike the old database, financial signatories cannot currently modify the database » to give officers besides your president and treasurer editing access, add those officers as Group Admins.