Account Numbers

Account numbers are public information, and should be treated as such. MIT's financial system is based on openness, and the assumption that account owners will check for unauthorized or erroneous transactions and can get them reversed.

As a group officer, this means that you should not be concerned about revealing your account number. Account numbers are available through several different sources. If an MIT affiliate seriously intended to steal money from an account, then they could undoubtedly find the account number. Instead, you should regularly check your balances and transactions through Atlas. You can find out how on our FAQ page.

On the part of vendors, this implies that knowing an account number should not be treated as evidence of authority to spend against the account. Vendors need to consult the MIT Vice President of Finance if you have any questions regarding orders, payments, and other financial/procument operations.

If you have specific vendors that appear to be considering these numbers confidential, or have other specific concerns about fraudulent use of account number information, please contact us so that we can work on eliminating those avenues of abuse.