Office/Storage Space

Office access for spaces with card readers are controlled by the ASA Database. Your members must be registered on your Engage page to receive card access to your space.

W20-437, W20-441: groups with lockers or shelf space in these rooms should also use the ASA Database. In additional, by default you can only give access to six people. If you want to give access to more people, email for an exception.

For spaces with combos: if you are remaining in the same space, your combo will remain the same. However, we strongly recommend that you request a combo change if it has been the same for the last 1-2 years or longer. You can request a change by having your president or treasurer send a request with your group name and office number to CAC ( If you are moving into a new space with a combo, you should email CAC for the combo.

For spaces with keys: To get new keys, go to Click on "Campus". Click on "Service Requests". Click on "Create Request". And then click on "Keys". Fill out information as requested. Your approver is Claudette Palmer of the Campus Activities Complex. If the keys are in stock, the turnaround can be just a couple days, but it can take longer especially if the keys aren't in stock.

Student Center (W20) 4th Floor Lock Policy and Blank Cards

The Campus Activities Complex controls access to the W20 fourth floor office. Their lock policy is online. Please note that with the new ASA Database access updates will be handled differently. More information is above and this policy will be updated soon.

Starting in Summer 2011, groups with a good reason can also get "blank" cards (ones not associated with any individual). To take advantage of this last option, please email the ASA Executive Board and explain why you need "blank" cards and what you will use them for.