CPW Midway 2024

The CPW Midway will be on Saturday, April 13th from 1:00-3:00pm, at the Johnson Ice Rink. It is an event where student groups can meet prospective undergrads during CPW to begin recruiting for their group and show the vibrant student life culture at MIT. Groups must check in from 12:00-12:30pm, and more information regarding check-in will follow closer to the day of the Midway.

Please contact asa-midway@mit.edu if you have any questions.

Event Details and Expectations

Because space is limited, by signing up for a booth, you are committing to have it staffed the entire time. Please read the expectations below before signing up for a booth. We have laid out the following expectations of groups for our Midways. We set these expectations to ensure that Midway space is used fairly and to help us re-assign space as it becomes available to groups on the waitlist.

The ASA Executive Board members reserve the right to remove groups and members from the Midway for any group's failure to comply with Midway rules and ASA Exec members' requests.

and setup

  • Your group must sign in with the ASA when you arrive at the Midway.
  • Groups can start setup as early as 12:00 PM.
  • Groups must check in by 12:30 PM. Groups that are late may be fined $25, and your table may be re-allocated to a group on the waitlist. We will start re-allocating booths promptly at 12:30 PM, so please be on time.


  • If your group can no longer attend and/or perform at the Midway, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel prior to 24 hours will result in a $25 fine.
  • Groups that don't cancel by the time check-in starts will be fined up to $50.

General setup

  • Limit members at booths (NEW) - In an attempt to alleviate congestion at this year's midway, we are asking that groups limit the number of persons at each booth to 4. If your group has a half table, please limit your club membership to 2. The ASA will make exceptions for performing groups who are about to or have just performed.
  • No external speakers - you may use laptop or other similarly quiet speakers. This is to address numerous extreme noise complaints, allow groups to be able to speak to interested individuals, and for performances to be heard. ASA Board members may ask you to reduce the volume or turn off sound on any speakers if it is causing problems for your neighbors or performances.
  • Stay at/by your booth - no handing out flyers at the doorway, no blocking the entrance or aisles, etc.
    • In order to keep walkways clear for fire safety reasons, groups are required to stay within arms reach of their table at all points. Do not block any entrances or aisles or hand out flyers at the doorway. Non-compliance may result in a $50 fine.
    • If your booth is not staffed at any point during that 2 hour period, your group will be fined $25.
    • Groups that leave before the conclusion of the Midway without permission from the ASA will incur a $50 fine.
  • Keep walkways clear at all times We have had issues in the past where students with limited mobility had issues moving through the crowds due to the congestion of people; please always stand within arm's reach of your table to help alleviate crowding.
  • Greek letters cannot be worn during the CPW Midway unless you are working the IFC or Panhel booth.


  • Due to the number of performing groups, each performer has up to 4 MINUTES for their set.
  • Any music used for your performance should be non-explicit and appropriately censored.
  • Depending on each Midway and number of groups who sign up to perform, buffer time will be added.
  • Please make your music cuts of no more than 4 MINUTES. Submission information will be sent to each group with a performance time.

If your group is not listed in the booth assignments:

  • If you submitted a request, please email asa-midway@mit.edu (forward the email from the submission form if possible). We will do our best to assign you a table in advance of the Midway.