Spring Re-Recognition

Notice: The deadline for spring 2023 re-recognition has been extended for the final time to midnight on the evening of Friday, December 8th.

Every spring, each ASA-recognized student group must complete the annual ASA Re-Recognition process, detailed in the ASA Recognition Procedures document. This process is set up to allow the ASA to determine which groups have become inactive, collect updated officer and mailing list information, and for groups to complete the required agreement to follow the MA Hazing Law and MIT's Non-Discrimination Policy.

New groups recognized this semester, club sports, dorms, Panhellenic groups, and other FSILGs are not required to complete this process.

* Step 1: Group president (or other officer) fills out the Engage form found here

  • The officer must confirm that they will not discriminate following MIT’s non-discrimination policy, agree to the MA state anti-hazing laws, and confirm and define their group membership, along with providing some logistical details.
  • If you are the president of multiple groups, you will need to complete the form multiple times. Only one response per group is required. 
  • To comply with state law, The text of the MA Hazing Law will be sent to every student registered on Engage. However, some groups have a general membership that extends beyond students listed in Engage (ex. staff, faculty, MIT non-affiliates) - please send the text of the law to all members in your roster if this applies to you. We are not requiring that groups cc the ASA on these emails.
  • The officer must upload a copy of the group's constitution to both the form and the group's Engage page.

* Step 2: Distribute the following form to your members and have at least five MIT student members confirm their membership in your group by filling out this form:

  • Students that are members of multiple groups will need to fill out the form individually for each club. 
  • If you are having difficulty filling out the form multiple times, try copying the link into a new tab, or using an incognito window. 
  • If a group does not appear on the drop-down list, they do not need to have students confirm membership. 

The deadline to complete these steps is Friday, June 9th at 11:59 PM ET. Clubs with late submissions will be penalized with fines unless late due to extenuating circumstances, which should be shared before the deadline, and will be suspended and/or derecognized if the submission is not completed at all.

You can find the list of confirmed responses to the officer form and whether a group has passed five membership confirmations here.

If you have questions about the process, please reach out to <asa-groups@mit.edu>.