Winter LEF/ARCADE Applications are OPEN (Due 12/4/2019)

The deadline to submit applications to the Large Event Fund (LEF) and the Assisting Recurring Cultural And Diversity Events (ARCADE) Fund Winter Cycle is Wednesday, December 4th at 11:59PM EST. This deadline is for events occurring between January 1, 2019 and March 31, 2019.

Please use this link to apply: <https://engage.mit.edu/submitter/form/start/359631>. Do NOT use the old form (that operated through the ASA webpage.) We will ONLY be processing applications submitted through the Engage form linked above.

More information about eligibility for these funds is available at the new ASA website: <http://asa.mit.edu/group-resources/funding-large-events>.

You are encouraged to meet with someone from the Student Activities Office to discuss your application, particularly if it is for a new event or you are making substantial changes to a recurring event. You MUST meet with the Student Activities Office to discuss an event if it will involve paying a speaker or performer. Email <sao-desk@mit.edu> with any questions!

CAC Opening of Reservation Books (12/2/2019 at 9 AM)

Be sure to prepare your group for the Campus Activities Complex’s Opening of the Reservation Books for the next academic year. This process begins on Monday, 12/2/2019 at 9 AM. This opening covers September 9, 2020 through May 22, 2021.

Requests can be made through the virtual scheduler linked below. You must have an active CAC-DAPER virtual scheduling account to participate in this process - note that all student groups will already have a group account.

Please read about the details of this opening here - <http://studentlife.mit.edu/cac/resources-forms>, and email campus-activities@mit.edu with any questions!

Check your poster!

Do you have a designated poster in the Infinite corridor, Stata, or Building 8? <http://asa.mit.edu/advertisingpublicity/asa-bulletin-boards> Make sure that you’re checking to make sure that no one is postering over your space! Sometimes Facilities will clear off spaces with too many old posters on top, and groups have lost their posters to that in the past. Make sure you report any groups that have postered over your space to the ASA!