Reserving Space

ASA groups are eligible to reserve facilities such as classrooms, multipurpose rooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, barbecue pits, and athletic facilities.  Most space may be reserved through one of three departments:

All three departments verify your group’s Reservation Signatories in the ASA database, so it is imperative that you keep this information up-to-date!

If you are sponsoring an outside organization or hosting a conference, you must register the event. See the ASA Event Planning page for more help.

All MIT events have priority over non-MIT events, and in certain facilities, charges may be incurred.

Classroom Space

Classroom space is assigned by the Registrar's Office. No food is allowed in classroom facilities! Non-academic reservations begin a few months prior to each semester.

Term Non-Academic Registrations Open
Fall Mid-May
IAP October
Spring Mid-December
Summer January

Athletic Facilities

Use the DAPER online scheduling system. The facilities may also be reserved for special, non-athletic events; with logistical set-up arranged through Campus Activities Complex

Other Facilities

Most multipurpose and theatrical spaces on campus are scheduled through the Campus Activities Complex (CAC). These facilities include:

  • Stratton Student Center (W20),
  • Kresge Auditorium
  • Walker Memorial
  • Religious Activities Center (W11)
  • Lobby 13
  • MIT Chapel
  • Lobby 10
  • Wong Auditorium
  • Kresge Barbecue Pits
  • Stata Center Student Street. 

Reservations for these spaces open on the Monday following Thanksgiving break in November each year for the upcoming academic year.  Certain groups are given priority to schedule traditional events prior to this date. 

CAC Reservation Guidelines:

  • ASA groups may only request a total of three dates in any of the major facilities on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night
  • Requests for consecutive weekends will not be granted
  • Major facilities include Kresge, Lobdell, Sala de Puerto Rico, and Morss Hall
  • Multiple locations for the same date may not be requested

(These guidelines do not necessarily apply to theater productions.)

Tables and Booths

Groups can reserve table and booth space in the Student Center, Lobby 10, and the Stata Center. These tables provide you with an excellent opportunity to promote your activities and events, and to hold bake sales and fundraisers.

If you do plan on selling or handing out food please note the following guidelines from CAC:

  • All food/beverages being sold or given out should be pre-packaged or individually wrapped to promote food safety.
  • Foods cannot contain meat, poultry, fish or uncooked or partially cooked eggs (such as mayonnaise or custard, quiche, etc.), cream cheese, or any foods that are required to be heated or cooled to be served may not be sold or provided.
  • All food should be in storage containers.
  • Displayed food/beverages must fit on the top of the reserved table or booth and should not be piled up.
  • Food/beverages not being displayed must be stored appropriately under the table.
  • One food sale per day, per location is allowed.
  • A list of proposed items for table/booth must be turned into CAC at least 2 business days in advance of the event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CAC at


Logistics, such as additional tables or trash cans, are arranged through Custodial and Grounds Services. This service needs to be arranged at least 5 business days in advance.