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Lock Types

Access to most ASA-allocated space is controlled using MIT IDs, and can be granted or revoked through the ASA Database. Some offices have access controlled through other mechanisms, described below. The space summary page lists which offices use which access access control mechanism.

Name Description For more information,
Managed in the ASA DB?
CAC Card Access Office with the standard CAC-maintained card access system. Yes: CAC-managed card-based access
CAC Combo Only Room accessible only with a CAC-administered combination, rather than using IDs. Presidents and Treasurers of organizations with this type of lock can come to the CAC office to request a combo change. No database management
CAC Key Room accessible with a (physical, CAC-administered) key. Details. No database management
Group Room with access administered by the group directly. No database management
Inner Office accessed through another office owned by the same group, which therefore do not have a separate lock. No database management
SEMO Room with access administered through SEMO (the Security and Emergency Management Office). No database management
Unknown Room that the ASA does not (currently) know how to manage the access of. (If you know, please tell us at No database management