Post-Event Report

Instructions for Preparing an LEF/ARCADE Post-Event Report

Please include the following information in your report:

  • Name(s) of sponsoring organization(s)
  • Contact name(s) and email(s)
  • Main account number to which funds were transferred
  • Event date/time and location
  • Attendance sheet, broken down into MIT students and others (new requirement starting Summer 2023 Cycle)
    • It is required to submit the actual attendance sheet. You may rent a card reader from the TechCash office to help take attendance. Engage also allows you to track attendance at events. Note that this is required in addition to the RSVP sheet (see next point).
    • If your event has an RSVP sheet, please also submit it. This is especially important if the actual attendance is much lower than the RSVP, to help justify excess expenditure.
    • It is also encouraged to break down attendance into members and non-members.
  • Final budget
    • Total expenditures, with a breakdown of expenses and revenues
    • LEF/ARCADE allocation amount
    • Other funding sources and amounts
    • Total LEF/ARCADE funds spent
  • Event summary: please describe your event's purpose and the overall outcome. If the number of attendees differed significantly from the estimated number of attendees in your application, this is a chance to explain the circumstances.
  • Expenditures list: please include an itemized list of all expenditures and compare them to the items in the proposed budget. Any significant deviation from the budget should be explained or your event will not be reimbursed in full.
  • Electronic copies of any promotional materials (to confirm that you indeed advertised the event and that you indicated LEF/ARCADE sponsorship). Screenshots embedded in the report are encouraged.
  • Verification that your event was registered on
  • Itemized receipts for LEF/ARCADE approved expenses (screenshot from the MIT B2P system is also acceptable).

A sample report is available here. A template is available here.

Post-event reports should be submitted within 30 days of the event.