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ASA: 2013 CPW Midway

Welcome to the ASA 2013 CPW Midway! You can find out about MIT's many exciting student groups. Below you will find a map of the Midway, as well as groups' table assignments and links to their respective websites.


Midway map


Group Category Location Website
Lecture Series Committee Service 001 Website
Tech, The Campus Media 002 Website
Electronic Research Society Technology 003 Website
Student Information Processing Board Technology 004 Website
OrigaMIT Arts 005 Website
WMBR Radio Campus Media 006 Website
Technique Yearbook Campus Media 007 Website
Educational Studies Program Service 008 Website
Laboratory for Chocolate Science Interest 009 Website
Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Chi Chapter of Service 010 Website
Anime Club, MIT Cultural 011 Website
Science Fiction Society, MIT Interest 012 Website
Assassins' Guild, MIT Recreational 013 Website
Students at MIT Allied for Student Health Activism 014 Website
Association of Taiwanese Students, MIT Cultural 016 Website
Asian American Association Cultural 017 Website
Chinese Ensemble, MIT Cultural 018 Website
Korean Students Association Cultural 019 Website
South Asian Association of Students Cultural 020 Website
Scandinavian Society Cultural 021 Website
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Academic 022 Website
Programming for Education and Advocacy of Cross-Cultural Exchange Cultural 023 Website
Black Students' Union Cultural 025 Website
National Society of Black Engineers Other 026 Website
Alternative Spring Break Service 027 Website
Team HBV, MIT Service 028 Website
Global Poverty Initiative Service 029 Website
Medlinks Service 030 Website
Orthodox Christian Fellowship Religious 031 Website
Campus Crusade for Christ Religious 032 Website
Christians on Campus Religious 033 Website
Latter-day Saint Student Association Religious 034 Website
Baptist Student Fellowship Religious 035 Website
Formula SAE Team, MIT Technology 036 Website
Student Juggling Club Recreational 037 Website
Equestrian Club Athletic 038 Website
Chess Club Recreational 040 Website
Dramashop Arts 042 Website
E33 Productions Arts 043 Website
Musical Theatre Guild Arts 044 Website
Casino Rueda Group, MIT Cultural 046 Website
Guild of Bellringers Arts 047 Website
Natya Cultural 049 Website
Mirchi, MIT Cultural 050 Website
Gospel Choir, MIT Religious 059 Website
Asymptones Arts 060 Website
Ohms, MIT Arts 061 Website
Logarhythms, MIT Arts 062 Website
Muses, The MIT Arts 063 Website
Chorallaries of MIT, The Arts 067 Website
Techiya Arts 066 Website
dynaMIT Service 068 Website
Engineers Without Borders, MIT Service 069 Website
Wind Energy Projects in Action Technology 071 Website
Leadership Training Institute Service 072 Website
TechX, MIT Technology 073 Website
Smart Woman Securities Academic 074 Website
Traders at MIT Interest 075 Website
6.270 Autonomous Robot Design Competition Academic 076 Website
Ventureships Club Interest 078 Website
Pokerbots, MIT Academic 079 Website
Society of Physics Students Academic 080 Website
Society of Women Engineers Academic 082 Website
Energy Club, MIT Interest 084 Website
Women Business Leaders, MIT Academic 086 Website
Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament Academic 087 Website
Pre-Medical Society, MIT Academic 088 Website
Biological Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Society Academic 089 Website
Undergraduate Biochemistry Association, MIT Academic 090 Website
Clubchem Academic 091 Website
Brain and Cognitive Sciences Society Academic 092 Website
Undergraduate Economics Association Academic 093 Website
GaMIT Cultural 094 Website
Feminists@MIT Activism 095 Website
Secular Society of MIT Social 098 Website
StartLabs Interest 099 Website
Consulting Group, MIT Interest 100 Website
Forum, The Interest 101 Website
College Republican Club, MIT Activism 102 Website
Student Ambassadors, MIT Other 103 Website
Undergraduate Research Journal, MIT Academic 105 Website
Voo Doo Magazine Campus Media 106 Website
Literary Society, MIT Arts 108 Website
Art Club, MIT Arts 109 Website
Tapioca@MIT Interest 109 Website
Food and Agriculture Club, MIT Other 110 Website
mitBEEF Recreational 111 Website
Vegan and Vegetarian Society, MIT Activism 112 Website
Sustainability@MIT Interest 113 Website
Chinese Students Club Cultural 115 Website
Vietnamese Students Cultural 116 Website
China Crossroads Interest 117 Website
La Union Chicana por Aztlan Cultural 118 Website
Hellenic Students' Association Social 120 Website
Amphibious Achievement Service 121 Website
Camp Kesem MIT Service 122 Website
GlobeMed at MIT Service 123 Website
Active Minds at MIT Service 124 Website
Challah for Hunger Recreational 125 Website
Fighting World Hunger, MIT Service 126 Website
Komaza Campus Media 127 Website
Brain Trust Service 128 Website
LIFT, MIT. Service 129 Website
Colleges Against Cancer, MIT Service 130 Website
Greek Intervarsity, MIT Religious 138 Website
Quidditch Team, MIT Athletic 131 Website
Marching Band Arts 132 Website
Concert Band Arts 133 Website
Hillel, MIT Religious 135 Website
Muslim Students' Association Religious 136 Website
Asian Baptist Student Koinonia Religious 137 Website
Intervarsity, MIT Religious 139 Website
Tech Catholic Community Religious 141 Website
Lutheran Episcopal Ministry Religious 142 Website
Protestant Student Community, MIT Religious 143 Website
Asian Christian Fellowship Religious 144 Website
Undergraduate Women in Physics Academic 081 (half) Website
Panhellenic Association Government lobby Website
Live Music Connection, MIT Arts outside Website
EMS, MIT Service outside Website
Lion Dance Group, MIT Arts 015 Website
Shakespeare Ensemble Arts 041 Website
Falun Dafa Club Athletic 045 Website
Tech Squares Arts 048 Website
Chamak Arts 049 Website
Mocha Moves Dance Squad Arts 051 Website
Ridonkulous, MIT Interest 052 Website
Asian Dance Team, MIT Arts 053 Website
Fixation, MIT Arts 054 Website
DanceTroupe Arts 055 Website
Ballroom Dance Team, MIT Athletic 056 Website
Cross Products Arts 058 Website
Syncopasian Arts 064 Website
Resonance of MIT, The Arts 065 Website
Concert Choir Students Academic 134 Website
Skateboarding Club, MIT Recreational 039 Website
Sloan Business Club Interest 077 Website

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