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Account Lookup

Athena username of person to check

Group Status

Status Description
Active Active groups are normal ASA groups in good standing.
Suspended and Derecognized Suspended and derecognized groups are not in good standing, and should generally not be permitted to spend money, reserve rooms, etc..
Non-Group Entity Non-Group Entities do not necessarily have any ASA recognition, but are included in the ASA Database as a courtesy to other MIT offices. You may assume the roles listed are authoritative. However, the ASA does not grant them any privileges.

Available Roles

The following roles will be listed if the user has them:

Role Description
President The president (which sometimes goes by names like "Chair", "Governor", or "Commander") is ultimately responsible for a group's operations.
Treasurer The Treasurer is the officer responsible for the group's finances.
Financial signatory Financial signatories handle the group's financial transactions, including approving RFPs, requesting purchase orders, and viewing transaction history.
Reservation signatory Reservation signatories are responsible for reserving space for the group to use.
Group Admin Group Admins have access to the ASA Group Database's group management functions. Use this to give access to officers besides the President and Treasurer. (This is unnecessary for President and Treasurer, who receive it through those roles instead.)
GBM Proxy Person authorized to vote for the group at ASA GBMs. We will only allow people listed as President, Treasurer, Group Admin, or GBM Proxy to be a voting representative of the group. Contact or with questions. (Additions are enabled starting shortly before each GBM.)