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Name Abbreviation Status Website ASA DB Description Meeting Time
100K Competition, MIT Active Website DB Entry The MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition is the nation's premier student entrepreneurship competition. Over the course of the school year, the $100K recruits, evaluates, mentors, and helps launch more than 500 ventures that draw on students, faculty, and researchers from across MIT and Greater Boston. The $100K is self-funded through sponsors and awards more than $350K in prize money annually. Tuesdays 5:30PM
AID-MIT Active Website DB Entry Association for India's Development (AID) is an NGO committed towards equitable development and social welfare of the poorest and marginalized communities of India. The MIT and Boston chapters of AID work together and comprise of students and working professionals who volunteer to forge partnerships with grassroots organizations and movements in India that focus on working with communities to empower them in their struggle for a just and equitable future. Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 pm MIT room 66-148. Please e-mail for details.
American Nuclear Society ANS Active Website DB Entry ANS is the MIT Student Section of the American Nuclear Society
American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Club ASL@MIT Active Website DB Entry The purpose of the American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Club is to enable gathering of members of the MIT community with a shared interest in practicing American Sign Language (ASL) learning about Deaf culture attending community events in the Greater Boston Area improving their understanding of the social justice issues around ASL and Deafness
Applied Physics Club APC Active Website DB Entry A group for anyone interested in applied physics! Planning meetings will be held summer 2014 to discuss events for the coming school year. Details will be emailed to the group list.
Arab Student Organization ASO Active Website DB Entry The MIT ASO aims to spread awareness about the Arab world in MIT campus. Our events include social, cultural and political events in MIT campus. Sunday at 1pm
Ashdown House Active Website DB Entry Ashdown House is a graduate residence and active community of MIT graduate students. Ever since it was founded in the 1930s, the dorm has actively promoted social interactions among its residents and has fostered a tight-knit community of students. The main people responsible for running the dorm are the Ashdown House Executive Committee (AHEC) and the team of officers who help with a myriad of community tasks and activities. The Ashdown House Executive Committee (AHEC) meets every Tuesday 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm.
Asian Baptist Student Koinonia Graduate Division Active Website DB Entry Graduate student Bible study and fellowship Friday at 7:30pm
Baha'i Association, MIT Active Website DB Entry The Baha'i Association at MIT is an organization whose membership is open to all students and faculty at MIT. The Baha'i Association's main activities involve fellowship and the organization of events that are in line with the teachings of the Baha'i Faith, which is a world religion founded by Baha'u'llah (1817-1892). In the past, we've collaborated with student groups on campus with similar goals. as announced
Ballroom Dance Club Active Website DB Entry The MIT Ballroom Dance Club teaches a variety of ballroom dance styles throughout the year. Our instructors include professional dancers and advanced members of the MIT Ballroom Dance Team. Our goal is to help people interested in ballroom dance to feel comfortable on the social dance floor. Workshops: Sundays 2:30 - 5:00 pm Mondays 7:30 - 8:30 pm (dates as listed at
Ballroom Dance Team, MIT Active Website DB Entry We are the Ballroom Dance Team, an organization of students who love competitive ballroom dancing. Ballroom is a great way to get to know people and learn some great dance moves at the same time. We teach 19 different dances and encourage anyone to join us, whether you have any dance experience or not as there are no try-outs. Most of our team members joined without any dance Monday 6:45pm-9pm Thursday 7:00pm-9pm Friday 7:30pm-9:30pm Sunday 7:30pm-10pm Locations vary weekly Commonly Lobby 13
Bangladeshi Students Active Website DB Entry The Bangladeshi Students Association at MIT (MIT-BSA) provides an opportunity for MIT students from Bangladesh to connect and enhance their sense of community at MIT. Through organizing various, regular cultural events, the MIT-BSA not only creates a setting for social interaction and networking, but also serves to enrich the cultural diversiry experienced by the broader MIT community. 6 PM - 7 PM. First Saturday of every month. Lounge of Westgate or Tang Hall Interested people can also join using Google+ Hangout.
Belgians@MIT Active Website DB Entry The Club has as its goal to bring together all Belgians and friends on the Harvard and MIT campuses and beyond, both through the organization of social and professional activities.
Biotechnology Group, MIT MBG Active Website DB Entry The MIT Biotechnology Group, abbreviated MBG, aims to increase the pace of biotechnology research and application by building strong, mutually beneficial relationships between MIT students and post-doctoral fellows and thought-leaders in academia, industry, and business. Specifically, MBG aims to serve the MIT community by facilitating the development of knowledge, skills, and networks key to achieving success in high-level, non-academic, biotechnology-related pursuits. Please see website at
Bitcoin Club, MIT MITBTC Active Website DB Entry We believe Bitcoin has the potential to be not just a digital currency, but the future of money. While it is still in the early stages, we see Bitcoin as a protocol or platform on which financial and non-financial transactions can be conducted and verified as part of a global public ledger. Bitcoin lies at the intersection of several important academic research areas, including cryptography, distributed computing, graph theory, finance, and economics. The MIT Bitcoin Club seeks to provide forums where Bitcoin-related ideas, projects, programs, events, and businesses can be studied, discussed, and developed. Through club activities, we seek to increase awareness and use of Bitcoin within and beyond the MIT community.
Black Graduate Student Association BGSA Active Website DB Entry The goals of the Black Graduate Student Association at MIT are: 1. To promote the cohesiveness and academic success of African, African American and Afro Caribbean graduate students at MIT. 2. To encourage community involvement and service. 3. To stimulate and encourage political and economic self determination among the membership. Please email for current meeting schedule.
Buddhist Students Club Active Website DB Entry The MIT Buddhist Students Clubs hosts a variety of events and dinners across the semesters. Events include special speakers, meditation retreats, and dinners. Join the mailing list if you would like to find out more about these events. Stop by our meditations from 6-7pm on Thursdays at the MIT chapel. We also hold regular dinner events, as well as speaker series every semester.
Bulgarian Club at MIT Active Website DB Entry The purpose of the Bulgarian Club at MIT is to promote the culture, history, and traditions of Bulgaria. If you are wondering what banitsa is, where the yogurt really comes from or you want to dance traditional Bulgarian folk dances and celebrate our national holidays with us, then this club is for you. Facebook:
Canadians Club Active Website DB Entry A group of Canadians that gather on campus for a variety of activities, often surrounding canadian past-times or foods. Favourite events include hockey game screenings, poutine night, and canadian dessert night.
Chemistry Graduate Student Committee CGSC Active Website DB Entry The Chemistry Graduate Student Committee (CGSC) is an organization of MIT students who advocate for chemistry graduate student rights and interests. CGSC organizes periodic forums for graduate students and postdocs in the department to discuss a wide range of topics including academic program concerns, laboratory issues, and aspects of graduate student life. These meetings are designed to gauge student opinion and brainstorm new ideas on these and related topics. Committee members meet regularly with the Department Head and Associate Head to provide feedback to the faculty and Chemistry Department administration on the concerns of graduate students and postdocs. In addition, CGSC sponsors extracurricular events like monthly TGIFs, a summer barbecue, a Boston Harbor boat cruise, and intramural sports teams. CGSC members also represent the chemistry department at the institute level through involvement with the MIT Graduate Student Council (GSC). Scheduled monthly Typically on 2nd Monday of every month at noon.
Chinese Association of Science and Technology CAST Active Website DB Entry Academic related activities Monday at 5:30PM in E34-300
Chinese Choral Society MITCCS Active Website DB Entry MIT Chinese Choral Society (CCCS) was founded in 1992 by a group of students and scholars at MIT who share a common interest in choral music as well as the Chinese culture and tradition. Through our weekly practices and frequent social functions, our members have developed close friendships and bonds which have matured each of our lives. Friday, 8-10 pm
Chinese Students and Scholars Association CSSA Active Website DB Entry MIT Chinese Students and Scholars Association (MIT CSSA) is an official MIT-recognized non-profit organization. The main mission of our organization is to serve the needs of our members, spread Chinese culture, and facilitate communication within the large Chinese community both on and off MIT campus. 8:30-10pm every other Wednesday in Ashdown Crafts Room.
Christians on Campus Active Website DB Entry A club where Christians may come together, read the Bible, learn about Christ, and mutually encourage one another to continue in the Christian life, and a place where those who aren't Christians but are interested may find Christ.
Club Francophone at MIT French@MIT Active Website DB Entry The purpose of the Club Francophone at MIT is to gather French speakers of MIT and students learning French at MIT. Several events are organized yearly such as: French movie screening, French dinner in restaurants or at a host house, after-work social, French cultural events inside or outside MIT.
Colombian Association of MIT Active Website DB Entry We are a student association where Colombian students and other students interested in the Colombian and Latin-American culture get together on a regular basis. We have academic events with Colombian thought leaders such as ministers, ambassadors, colombian corporate leaders, among others, to discuss different topics relevant to both Colombia and students who want to have an impact in Colombia. We also plan many social events such as dance parties, dinners, and outings around New England where students get together and have lots of fun while they learn more about the Colombian and Latin-American cultures. We have general body meetings at least two times per semester where we usually announce events while we have dinner.
Communicating Science @ MIT ComMIT Active Website DB Entry ComMIT is a student society at MIT dedicated to furthering communication and outreach in science, engineering, and mathematics. Our events are designed to help students convey their work and enthusiasm to the public – whether through writing, visual media, art, or teaching. We have partnered with the MIT Museum, Cambridge Science Festival, and MIT Science Writing Program to facilitate communication opportunities for members. We also run a science blog, eMIT, which is open to submissions by the MIT community. TBD
Consulting Club at MIT CCM Active Website DB Entry Our mission is to ease the transition from graduate student life to a successful consulting career. Mondays 5.30pm
Cricket Club, MIT MCC Active Website DB Entry The purpose of the MIT Cricket Club is to establish a systematic structure and platform to enable the large number of cricket enthusiasts in MIT's student and staff population to play the game throughout the year. In addition, it is to facilitate enthusiasts in their goals to hone their cricketing skills via training. Finally, it is to spread awareness about cricket and involve those members of the community who are interested but new to the game.
Eastgate Community Association Active Website DB Entry Eastgate graduate family dorm. The purpose of the ECA is to create events for the residents, and to advocate on their behalf. See website.
Edgerton House Association Active Website DB Entry housing for single grad students Once per month, usually the first Wednesday of the month at 8:30 pm.
Egyptian Association, MIT Active Website DB Entry To represent Egyptian culture and civilization on the MIT campus and the greater Boston area To create a social community for Egyptians at MIT and Boston To support the development of the Egyptian economy, technological industry, civil society and entrepreneurial spirit Friday, May 17, 2013
Electricity Student Research Group, MIT MIT ESRG Active Website DB Entry MIT ESRG is a forum for graduate students who study electric power systems across different courses, divisions, and research centers at MIT and neighboring institutions to pursue interdisciplinary discussions and research-based collaborations. 12PM-1PM, Tuesdays MIT E19-319
Energy Club, MIT NRG Active Website DB Entry The MIT Energy Club is focused on the creation of a tight-knit energy community at MIT. The club holds weekly events, including document-based energy discussion groups and the MIT Energy Lecture Series, alongside signature events such as the annual MIT EnergyNight and the MIT Energy Conference. The club's emphasis is on building a community at MIT with a deeper understanding of global energy trends and challenges through open, fact-based discussion.
Energy for Human Development e4Dev Active Website DB Entry A student group and discussion forum exploring challenges at the intersection of energy and human development. Spring 2017: Tuesday, 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Engineering Activism EA Active DB Entry We are a group of individuals who have come together to foster a community of technical people who can use their skills and knowledge as a source for ethical construction. We acknowledge the power of technology and strive to direct this power as a tool to shift the political and social paradigm and to empower the people. We aim to connect MIT students with activist tech projects that is both political and non-partisan, and to host events that encourage MIT students to reflect on their tech experience and build an inclusive, collaborative, and innovative culture around tech.
ESD Student Society ESS Active Website DB Entry Intellectual and social community of peers in the Engineering Systems Division.
European Club, MIT Active Website DB Entry MIT European Club is a social student club welcoming all MIT affiliates.
Fashion Innovation Club, MIT MITFashion Active Website DB Entry Our mission is to create a community focused on the combination of fashion, technology and sustainability at MIT. We aim to strengthen the ties between current students, researchers, alumni and innovative professionals and to promote MIT as an agent of change and innovation in fashion. We look forward to having you in our group. Please contact for information about our next meeting.
Food and Agriculture Club, MIT MITFAC Active Website DB Entry MIT Food and Agriculture Collaborative, brings together students – and other MIT community members – to educate, coordinate and support work in the areas of food and agriculture.
Fossil Free MIT FFMIT! Active Website DB Entry A coalition of MIT community members who are concerned about future climate change. We know our institutions and our way of life to be leading us toward plummets in the quality of life, and we share the moral burden to maintain the Earth’s habitability. With this in mind, the group has a future purpose of: to spark discussion on the issue of climate change, both on campus and beyond, with a focus on the impact of fossil fuels, which includes: how the climate of the planet is being effected by modern human activity, otherwise the science of climate change,the economical and political background behind the issues of climate change, how the Institute is directly involved with the energy industry, specifically those primarily dealing with fossil fuels, how the Institute will go forward with its wide range of relationships with the fossil fuel companies, to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change on our campus and promote actions to mitigate these effects, and to educate the MIT community on the benefits of environmentally good practices and political activism. Mondays 19:00 in 13-3038 on the second and fourth weeks of every month
Fuyun Chinese Comedy Club FCCC Active Website DB Entry The Fuyun Chinese Comedy Club is a group of young Chinese Xiangsheng comedians, mostly from MIT, who perform actively in the Great Boston Area.
Graduate Arts Exhibition Committee GAEC Active Website DB Entry This group seeks to provide production-related support to students wishing to showcase their work within the MIT community and beyond. This includes space rentals, installation staffing and equipment, insurance, publicity and promotion, and outreach. We would like to be a bridge between student artists producing work at a graduate level and facilities managers and other resources at MIT. While partnerships with groups like the Arts, Curation, and Exhibition club would be welcome, GAEC distinguishes itself in its commitment to sharing graduate work in a public context, in a variety of spaces across the MIT campus and elsewhere. We would even hope to connect MIT graduate artists with local institutions and curators. M 5pm E15-001
Graduate Association of Aeronautics & Astronautics GA^3 Active Website DB Entry The Graduate Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics (GA3) represents current graduate students within the Aeronautics and Astronautics Department at MIT. Our goal is to organize social and professional activities which strengthen and enrich the community within the department, and to help publicize various research activities within the department. We organize social hours, host talks by guest speakers and students, and help communicate with the department and the Graduate Student Council. Every other Tuesday 12:30-1:30pm (current as of Spring 2016, subject to change)
Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers GAME Active Website DB Entry The Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers (GAME) represents current graduate students within the Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT. Our goal is to organize social and professional activities which strengthen and enrich the MechE community, and to help publicize various research activities within the department. We organize social hours, host talks by guest speakers and students, and help communicate with the department and the Graduate Student Council.
Graduate Christian Fellowship Active Website DB Entry a group of Christians who desire to know, love and obey God better, and to reflect the love and presence of Jesus Christ. Various times and locations throughout the week. See website for most updated information.
Graduate Economics Association GEA Active Website DB Entry Representative and social group for graduate economics students.
Graduate Hillel Active Website DB Entry Provides Jewish activities for graduate students Shabbat Dinners - 2X/Semester; dates vary (see MIT calendar)
Graduate Student Council GSC Active Website DB Entry The GSC General Council is the representative body of graduate students at MIT and meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30PM. The GSC is led by the Executive Committee and has various committees and boards to address graduate student issues. General Council Meeting (1st Wednesday of the month) Executive Committee Meeting (1 week prior to the GCM) Committee Meetings (throughout the month)
Graduate Women at MIT GWAMIT Active Website DB Entry GWAMIT is a student-led, Institute-wide graduate women’s group with the mission to promote the personal and professional development of MIT's graduate women. Posted on Events page.
Hellenic Students' Association HSA Active Website DB Entry Welcome to the Hellenic Students' Association of MIT The Hellenic Students' Association (HSA) of MIT is comprised of approximately 100 members, all of which are MIT students of Greek or Cypriot origin. The main goal of the association is to promote fellowship among members of the Greek/Cypriot student community by organizing cultural, social and educational activities. Furthermore, the HSA welcomes and helps out the newly admitted students and serves as the representative of the Greek/Cypriot student body of MIT as a whole.
Hong Kong Student Society HKSS Active Website DB Entry Hong Kong Student Society aims at providing a social network for MIT students associated with and interested in Hong Kong and more generally Chinese culture.
House of Volunteers HOV Active Website DB Entry HoV provides students in the MIT community the opportunity to engage in activities in the "real world". These activities make a real difference, and are conducted in partnership with young professionals, and graduates of other institutions of higher learning. HoV focuses of devising low-cost, high-impact solutions to empower the education sector in underdeveloped communities around the world. HoV encourages volunteerism and creativity amongst students and youth in these communities through active partnership during all stages of implementation of a project.
HST Student Community Active Website DB Entry The HST student community is a group of students interested in the intersection of science, engineering, and medicine. The group is primarily graduate and medical students in the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology and we welcome all those interested in the research and clinical practice at the interface of medicine and engineering. The main purpose of the group is to encourage a sense of community within HST, to provide a formal means of communication among graduate students, medical students and the HST Administration, to ensure student representation within the HST, Harvard, and MIT communities, and to build a social community of medical engineers and medical scientists within MIT and Harvard. Second Tuesday of the month at 6:00PM, alternating between MIT E25-516 and the HST student lounge at Harvard Medical School in the TMEC building
Informs, MIT Active Website DB Entry The Informs club at MIT is a social club that brings together graduate students from the Operations Research and Operations Management communities. Various events throughout the year
Invertebrate Social Hour ISH Active DB Entry Our objective is to create a forum for invertebrate research, undergraduates, graduate students and scientists across MIT to develop mentoring relationships and tackle research from different perspectives.
Iranian Studies Group ISG Active Website DB Entry The Iranian Studies Group at MIT (ISG) aims at promoting Iranian civil society through conducting research on issues related to Iranian native and expatriate societies. Our research projects focus on the cultural, social, economic, and political development of the Iranian society. By actively publicizing our findings in a format that is accessible for the community at large, we aim to bridge the gap between research, public knowledge, and policy-making. Fridays at 3:00 pm
Israeli Association, The Active Website DB Entry We are all the Israelis in MIT. We are undergrads, grads, sloanies, PhDs, faculty, affiliates and family members. Recognized by the ASA, we are a part of the MIT community. Our main goal is to make us all feel at home. This means helping new students settle in, celebrate holidays the Israeli way, watching Israeli football and going to Israeli performances together. As we evolve, we are planning on connecting between graduating students and job openings back home, expand the connection between universities in Israel and MIT, and serve as the contact organization for any Israel related issues.
Japanese Association JAM Active Website DB Entry People who are interested in Japanese culture and are involved in organizing twice a year cultural event that we organize at Ashdown.
Kazakh Student Association, MIT KazSA Active Website DB Entry Association of Kazakhstan Students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Korean Graduate Students Association KGSA Active Website DB Entry KGSA is an association for korean graduate students, post-docs, professional students and researchers in MIT.
language@mit language Active Website DB Entry language@MIT is a student group promoting communication and collaboration of students and faculty involved in language research across MIT's departments, labs and research groups.
Lebanese Club at MIT, The Active Website DB Entry The Lebanese Club at MIT is an non-profit organizations that plays a role in uniting the Lebanese community across Boston and Cambridge. We hold cultural, social, and academic events that promotes Lebanese heritage, and culture. We also act to raise awareness on campus, and fundraise for charity organizations in Lebanon. Sunday at 6pm
LGBT Grad Active Website DB Entry We are a social organization whose mission is to provide a safe, friendly and fun environment for MIT's LBGT community. All events are free and open to MIT students, alumni, faculty, staff and their friends. Visitors from other colleges and universities are also welcome. We are sponsored by the MIT GSC (Graduate Student Council) and BGALA. We communicate with our members about upcoming events and general announcements via our mailing list. We offer an online subscription form to the LBGT Grad email-list at:
Lindy Hop Society, MIT Active Website DB Entry For the promotion of Lindy Hop and related dances Wednesdays 9:00 PM
Lutheran Episcopal Ministry LEM Active Website DB Entry The Lutheran-Episcopal Ministry explores the meaning of Christian faith in a modern context with the traditions of the Lutheran and Episcopal churches. Services, Wednesday, 5:15pm. Dinner and discussion follow in W11 at about 6:30. See for a schedule of topics and events.
Malaysian Students Association MASA Active Website DB Entry MITMASA aims to promote Malaysian life and culture to the already varied MIT community. Once a month - every 3rd Saturday. Email the officer's list to find out when and where.
Mexican Student Association CLUB MEX Active Website DB Entry MIT Mexican Students interested in promoting Mexican culture through academic, cultural and sporting events throughout the academic year.
Middle East Education Through Technology MEET Active Website DB Entry MEET (Middle East Education through Technology) is a program held in Jerusalem that works to bring together Israeli and Palestinian high school students by providing a rigorous program in computer science and business. The MEET student group organizes instructor recruitment for the summer program, provides training and preparation resources for the instructors, helps with tutoring and curriculum development during the school year, and organizes cultural awareness and dialogue events on campus.
MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum MIT-CHIEF Active Website DB Entry The MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MIT-CHIEF) is an annual conference and high-profile platform for intellectual exchange, to foster deeper and broader collaborations between China and the United States in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The conference aims to bring together high-impact Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussions, a Business Plan Contest, and a Technology Exhibition geared toward hot topics in the development of entrepreneurship in China and the United States.
MITALY - Italian Student Association Active Website DB Entry MITaly is the Italian Students' association at MIT. Our member body includes undergraduates, MBAs, Masters, PhDs, Professors, visiting academics, and professionals mainly from MIT as well as from the greater Boston area. Our officers are MIT students elected on a yearly basis. The association aims to promote Italian culture at MIT while reinforcing the network of its members within the bounds of the university and beyond. We also pursue initiatives that will allow those that are registered immediate access to professional, academic and cultural opportunities that are by definition restricted to select individuals. Fridays at 1pm
MITxplore Active Website DB Entry MITxplore is a math and science mentorship program for elementary school students in Cambridge, Boston and the greater Boston area. We are launching the program this year with a pilot semester at the Fletcher-Maynard Academy in Cambridge, to build and evaluate a sustainable program structure and identify the most effective mentorship methods. We will conduct one two-hour session per week, where the first hour will involve interactive demos relating mathematical concepts from the students’ curriculum to the world around us and the second hour will be smaller-sized sessions for more individualized assistance. We hope to create a supportive community and an engaging environment to help students excel in class and, more generally, in STEM fields and get them excited about pursuing math, science and engineering in the future. Wednesdays 5:30pm
Muslim Students' Association Active Website DB Entry The Muslim Students' Association is a student run group consisting of both undergraduate and graduate students. As a group we aim to enhance the experience of all Muslim students at MIT by: helping those who are interested in their spiritual, social and academic development through our community, offering a support system for all Muslims students at MIT and striving to improve relations on and off campus between Muslims and Non-Muslims. Our group meets Sundays 1pm in McCormick for our logistical meetings (you are welcome) and event times are on the website.
Organization of Serbian Students, MIT MOST Active Website DB Entry The purpose of the Association is: a. To welcome and counsel all newly arrived Serbian students, and all others interested in joining the Organization. b. To promote fellowship, and cultural, social and educational activities among the members of the Serbian student community, as well as all the others interested in the Serbian culture and heritage. c. To present Serbian culture and heritage to the wider MIT community. d. To foster the development of ties between the Serbian students worldwide. We meet about once a month and meeting times are currently not regular, but determined at each meeting for the next one and coordinated via email.
Outing Club, MIT MITOC Active Website DB Entry Provide members with the education and means to use, enjoy and explore the outdoors. Tuesday 7-8 pm, Wednesday 7-8 pm, Thursday 7-8 pm.
Persian Students Association PSA Active Website DB Entry The Persian Students Association is a student organization whose objective is to sponsor Persian social and cultural activities and events, promote an understanding of Persian culture, help foster friendship among different cultural groups, and provide a source of union and support for the Persian community at MIT. Last Sunday of each month, 4-5 PM
Polymer Graduate Student Association PGSA Active Website DB Entry The purpose of PGSA is to facilitate social and academic interaction among students studying subjects related to polymer science. Once a month
Queer Women GQW Active Website DB Entry Our group aims to foster a community of queer women across all of MIT by holding both social events such as dinners, movie nights, and craft nights and foster mentorships by holding professional events such as dinners with faculty members and queer professionals in the Boston area. Additionally we have been organizing a career panel to address the challenges of being an "Out" woman in the workplace after graduation.
ROCSA TGSA Active Website DB Entry This is a Taiwanese Student Association. We are a group of passionate students. We would like to invite all MIT students to join our traditional holidays through out the year. We do not have general meeting times. All meeting times are scheduled before events. Please refer to -> "Join us" to get the event information.
Romanian Student Association Active Website DB Entry To promote fellowship among members of the MIT community interested in the Romanian culture. No regular meeting times.
Russian Connection RusCon Active Website DB Entry The purpose of the Russian Connection is to maintain and create new connections inside MIT Russian Community including Russian-speaking Americans, members from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland and other countries. Also, Russian Connection is a place for those who love East European culture and languages. Tuesdays 7-9 pm 4-251/252
Samskritam Active Website DB Entry MIT Samskritam strives to teach Samskritam (aka Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language rich in literary, scientific and philosophical works) to the MIT community and help develop their Sanskrit speaking, reading and writing skills. Weekly classes at different levels would be conducted that would be free and open to all. Also, there would be workshops and lectures in relevant topics organized periodically. Tuesdays 5:30 - 8:30 PM Please check website for details on individual classes and timings.
Sangam Active Website DB Entry Sangam is the association of Indian and Indian-origin students at MIT. Our primary aim is to preserve and promote Indian culture in the Greater Boston area, through a wide range of activities. Sangam means confluence, a meeting point of two or more rivers. This is the place where people from diverse parts of India merge into a single cohesive identity, halfway around the world. We do our best to make everyone feel at home. We celebrate the Indian independence day, festivals such as Diwali and have lots of group activities that allow you to mingle with fellow MIT affiliates. Friday, 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Scholars of the Emirates ScholarsEm Active Website DB Entry The purpose of the Scholars of the Emirates is to organize UAE related activities, creating a more informed and connected MIT community, and acting as a catalyst for superlative Emirati initiatives promoting the finest of Science, Technology, Education, and Entrepreneurship. Once a month, every month, on the first full moon.
Science for the People SftP Active Website DB Entry MIT is, of course, one of the world’s leading centers for science and engineering. With this position comes a rather heavy moral burden for the students and workers who comprise this institution. Are we going to make sure that our work adds to the sum of human happiness, or human suffering? Our goal is to explore MIT’s larger social purpose, and how well it is fulfilling that purpose.
Science Policy Initiative, MIT SPI Active Website DB Entry The MIT Science Policy Initiative (SPI) is a student group passionate about the role of science in society. We explore the policies governing research and innovation and learn about how science can inform policy. From regular on-campus lunch discussions to a trip to DC to meet with Members of Congress, we offer many ways for students to learn more about science policy and get involved. First Monday of each month. Check website for dates, times, and locations.
Science Studies Student Committee SSSC Active DB Entry The mission of the Science Studies Student Committee is to represent the opinions and interests of students taking courses in the History, Anthropology, Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS) program to the faculty, department, and Institute. We strive to improve student quality of life by helping to foster a sense of community through social events, forums, and seminars. We seek to engage the entire MIT student community in fundamental questions of science and society.
SIAM, MIT Active Website DB Entry The purpose of the MIT SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) is to bring together the diverse MIT community with a shared interest in Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences. Our group will serve as a bridge for students to share their scientific results, find friends, and form collaborations. MIT SIAM promotes the interest in Applied Mathematical Sciences through organizing different events. Thurs 3-4 pm in 56-114
Sidney & Pacific Graduate Community Active Website DB Entry The Sidney Pacific Graduate Community is the house government as well as the group promoting residential events.
Singapore Students Society Active Website DB Entry MITSSS organizes cultural and social events for Singaporeans and interested MIT students. Ad hoc.
Skydiving Club, MIT Active Website DB Entry People passionate about Skydiving time/place of meetings [quarterly as determined]
Snowriders, MIT SNOW Active Website DB Entry The mission of our club is to facilitate MIT community access to skiing and snowboarding recreational and social activities during the winter season. We organize regular bus trips up to mountains and use our funds to subsidize these trips for students. In addition, we hold regular socials to build a sense of community and at which officer elections are held.
Society of Petroleum Engineers, MIT MIT SPE Active Website DB Entry The objective of this organization shall be to promote interest in, and knowledge of, the sciences of petroleum engineering, and to promote friendship and cooperation among those interested in petroleum engineering. It shall be affiliated as a Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).
Society of Refined Scientists SRS Active Website DB Entry One who is refined may be considered to be a well-mannered and considerate individual with high standards of effective behavior, independent means, calm demeanor, strong preserve, intellect, and etiquette. A scientist may be considered as one who attempts to come up with systematic, coherent and useful models of how the natural world works. We are founding the Society of Refined Scientists to help create more well-rounded scientists; scientists that can comfortably present themselves, and their ideas, to diverse audiences. Our approach involves both study and practice of techniques that reflect capability, confidence, and etiquette, thus helping members develop techniques for effective interpersonal interactions and upward social mobility. First Monday of each Month at 11am
Solidarity MIT Active Website DB Entry Solidarity MIT is dedicated to forming a community of progressive activists within MIT. We aim to lower the barriers for students, faculty and staff to get involved in their communities, and to fight for a more just and equitable world. Our main efforts are: 1. Education: we will host courses, lectures, and workshops to give individuals the tools to become engaged in their communities as activists and organizers. 2. Coordination: we will coordinate activist efforts among student groups at MIT by providing them with opportunities to connect to other activist groups on campus and maintaining an online list of activism resources at MIT. 3. Community building: we will build a community of activists by mobilizing for protests together and hosting dinners where people from different groups can connect. Sundays @ 1 pm
Spain@MIT Active Website DB Entry The Spain@MIT Association brings to MIT the Spanish culture through events that include a variety of cultural elements. These include Spanish food, music, flamenco workshops, cooking classes, scientific talks, and Spanish cinema, among others.
Sustainability@MIT Active Website DB Entry To advance the interest of global sustainability among MIT community members.
Tang Hall Residents' Association THRA Active Website DB Entry The Tang Hall Residents' Association (THRA) is an elected government that serves the interests of students residing in Tang Residence Hall. 9PM on the first working Monday of each month in the 24th floor lounge of Tang Residence Hall
Tango Club, MIT Active Website DB Entry The MIT Argentine Tango Club (MITATC) was founded in November 2002 by four students who recognized the need for a tango club at MIT. Since then, MITATC has grown to offer multiple avenues for tango appreciation and involvement, while connecting dancers both within and outside MIT. The club aims to foster interest for Argentine tango by exposing members of the MIT community to the art and culture of Tango. MITATC also endeavors to provide an accessible and affordable locale for individuals already interested in tango, where tango is taught, learned, practiced, embraced and enjoyed. 8pm Thursdays
Tech Catholic Community TCC Active Website DB Entry Community of Catholic students and others at MIT Sunday Mass: 9:30am, 1pm, 5pm Daily Mass: Tue & Fri 12:05pm Dinner & Discussion: Mon 7pm Scripture Study: Wed 7pm, RCIA: Sun 2:30pm, Adoration: Daily 9am, Wed 8pm
Technology Policy Students Society TPSS Active Website DB Entry Group comprised of Technology and Policy Program (TPP) graduate students and others within the MIT community with an interest in technology and policy; purpose is to study and discuss issues in technology policy seminars, provide information about careers, engage in a dialogue with invited speakers, and participate in a community of open-minded students. Every Tuesday at 6pm in the TPP Lounge
Thai Students at MIT Active Website DB Entry TSMIT promotes understanding of Thai cultures and acts as a network hub for Thai students in the Boston area. Wednesday/Thursday 5:00pm-6:00pm
Thirsty Ear Executive Committee TEEC Active Website DB Entry The purpose of the Thirsty Ear Executive Committee (TEEC) is to provide student input and leadership for the Thirsty Ear Pub (TE). TEEC works to ensure that the TE fulfills its purpose of providing a student-led social hub for the 21+ MIT student community Third Tuesday of Every Month, 6pm, Thirsty Ear Pub (NW35)
Transportation Club, MIT Active Website DB Entry The MIT Transportation Club aims to bring together the transportation community for education, networking, and research collaboration. Founded in the spring of 2010, the organization has grown rapidly to include over 300 members from across all Schools of the Institute. Membership in the MIT Transportation Club is open to any member of the MIT community. Key programs include: Transportation Showcase; Transportation Seminar Series; Technical Tours; Transportation Hack-a-thon; Research Collaboration; Career Development & Alumni Relations
Turkish Student Association Active Website DB Entry Turkish Student Association aims to introduce the Turkish language and culture to the MIT community. Turkish Student Association also aims to create and maintain strong connections both among its members and with relevant outside agents. Fridays 5pm Forbes Cafe
Universal Village Forum of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology UV Forum Active Website DB Entry Universal Village exemplifies a desired future society that pursues human-nature harmony through the wise use of technologies. The concept is an expanded & advanced version of Smart Cities, and signifies that we should follow the law of universe, protect environment/eco-system, understand humans' need in depth, and innovate new lifestyles, thus providing sustainable happiness for humanity’s future.
Ventureships Club VShips Active Website DB Entry A club to bring together MIT affiliated start-ups and MIT students, to have the students work with the start-ups during the semester, get hands on experience of a start-up.
VR/AR@MIT VR/AR@MIT Active DB Entry Support Student Startups: We are encouraging what MIT does best - creating innovative companies. Whether you are a free electron looking to join a AR/VR startup or an established team, we’re here to help. Creating a community around virtual/augmented reality: We’re bringing together likeminded students who are excited about AR/VR via educational and social events as well as a newsletter. Connecting with the experts: We’re bringing the industry titans to you and featuring the AR/VR leaders right here on MIT’s campus.
Warehouse Apartments, The NW30 Active Website DB Entry MIT single graduate housing.
Waste Alliance, The MIT Active Website DB Entry The MIT Waste Alliance facilitates interactions between all members of the MIT community who are interested in reducing waste and changing the way waste is handled. This includes bringing together related groups at MIT as well as providing events and resources for anyone to experience and share the possibilities of waste.
Water Club, MIT Active Website DB Entry A platform where people who are working on water research and/or interested in water-related issues can meet and produce water solutions Please join our mailing list to be notified of meetings:
Westgate Community Association WCA Active Website DB Entry The Westgate Community Association comprises all the residents (students, partners, spouses, and children) of Westgate family housing on MIT campus. First and third Thursdays of every month
WHOI Student Organization Active Website DB Entry MIT/WHOI Joint Program Student Organization Last Thursday of every month.
Wuming Theater Club Wuming Active Website DB Entry As enthusiastic fans of theater arts and Chinese culture, we are starting this group to make theatrical performance enriched with Chinese elements more accessible to students and other members of MIT community.
Yan Xin Life Science and Technology Association Active Website DB Entry MIT YXLSTA is to provide the MIT community an opportunity to learn and benefit from Yan Xin Life Science and Technology and Yan Xin Qigong research and practice. Wednesday 6-8pm
Yesplus at MIT Active Website DB Entry Focused on bringing yoga and meditation into students' lives. Through workshops led by trained teachers from the international non-profit organization, the International Association of Human Values (IAHV), we strive to help mediate anxiety and depression, so that students may realize the fullness of joy that's a rightful part of life. Even life at a place as intense as MIT can be. Every Tuesday the club holds a free 'Happier Hour' meditation session at MIT. Timings: Every Tuesday, 5pm-6pm Venue: 24-115 Event: 20 minutes of discussion and breathing techniques, 20 minutes of meditation & 10 minutes of socializing over snacks
Yoga 24x7 Active Website DB Entry Yoga 24x7 is a novel and revolutionary concept that comprises of the powerful and transformative 24 principles and 7 practices designed to promote well-being. The 24 principles are universal and axiomatic truths encoded within one's consciousness and body (genes) and found in the wisdom texts of the world and the writings of great sages, philosophers, scientists, and therapists, both ancient and modern. Awareness of these principles and their manifestation into our day-to-day lives through the 7 practices would guarantee well-being and happiness (individual and collective, on all levels - body, mind, intellect and self), while ignorance and neglect of them would produce the opposite. As part of our weekly sessions we do hatha yoga and have lectures on the yoga 24x7 concepts. Subscribe to email list for updated information about meeting times and locations.